Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Rainy Sunday...What Am I Doing?

Wow, it already feels like winter and it is only mid-October and I am loving it. The rain is my favorite weather of all. So, what am I doing today? Reflecting on what I have accomplished since my last post.

As you know I embarked on making cookies for my daughter's Halloween Party at the horse barn where she takes lessons. They turned out really well. I used a standard rolled sugar cookie recipe but added an additional ingredient to make them taste better than the average rolled sugar cookie, lemon zest. I recommend doing this as it added an additional layer of flavor that is subtle and delicious. Add the zest from half a lemon for one batch, if you are like me and make big cookies double the recipe and add the zest from a whole lemon. I frosted them with royal icing, recipe from

Here are my cookies:

They tasted really good. I used brown icing for the eyes and mouth because quite frankly I didn't have black food coloring gel. Next time I will make sure to use black.

My next baking adventure, oatmeal bread this afternoon. I am thinking about using Mary Poppins rather than my Red Star yeast but I will have to adjust the recipe. Wish me luck. I'll post a picture later.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday...The Cover Letter

Second post and what does my life have in store for me today? Well, I will be baking cookies for my daughter's Halloween Party at Fairbanks Riding Club. She will be dressing up the horse she rides as Lady Gaga. I will also be trying to get a resume sent to a company in Carlsbad if I perfect my cover letter, which is my topic today.

All of us, okay excluding the under 20 crowd, have had to look for a job that requires a resume, which I customize for every job I apply for, and a cover letter. Every thing I read, the cover letter is your one time to introduce yourself, highlight accomplishments and how you and the skills you have gained over the course of your career can help their organization succeed. Well, I find this task almost impossible as many companies are looking for a miracle worker, four or more different employees rolled up into one.

It amazes me, so the task of writing the cover letter is daunting to say the least.  I plough through and at times an epiphany comes to me and I think my cover letter rocks. Then no phone call. It is discouraging but I daily remind myself that I am not in control, God is. That is the important thing that I must remember. So, while I am putting the finishing touches on the current cover letter that I am tackling today, I will remind myself that this state of unemployment is only temporary and God does have a plan for me. He is just allowing me to see the next step in my journey not the next mile or two.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My First Day

My first blog post and what can I say, it is exciting. I have been wanting to start a blog for sometime now, really since I lost my job back in June but just didn't gumption to get going, now there really are no excuses. So, you are probably wondering why follow another blogger? Well, here is why.

In my blog I will chronicle my daily frustrations with finding a job (this has been much harder this time around than ever before), my baking successes (I really have never had any failures but if I do you will know), and maybe some professional information that I stumble along the way in my daily perusing of the web.

So, welcome to my "Day in the Life."